Event eInsight

Use your event data to enhance your understanding of ROO

Event eInsight provides organizations with robust reporting and analytics tools that measure the success of your SMM program and calculate ROI while quantifying Return on Objective (ROO) and Return on Event (ROE). Built atop IBM’s Cognos® platform, Cendyn/EVENTS’ proprietary, cloud-based data analytics system allows you to implement advanced reporting functions that calculate the effectiveness of global meetings programs while automating the intricate reporting processes needed to manage the SMM lifecycle.

Every detail of your SMM program is now available in a 360º view with on-demand availability, facilitating true analysis of meeting spend and actualizing return. With Event eInsight, you can go beyond calculating return on investment to measuring how well the program resonated with attendees and see true behavioral patterns and the effect it has for your bottom line.


Event eInsight turns big data into valuable insight, allowing for the most advanced Business Intelligence and reporting capabilities within an SMM platform.


Product Features

  • Hosted data warehousing
  • Real-time dashboard for easy access and control
  • Advanced analytics
  • Address standardization and CASS certification
  • Meeting metrics analysis by market segment
  • Business Intelligence using latest trends in OLAP capabilities
  • Profile updates, preference tracking and incident tracking

Unmatched Sales Benefit

  • Understand behavioral patterns and spend habits of the industry
  • Create targeted groups and market to each independently

Making the Connection

  • Customizable reporting creates accurate client profile information
  • Learn your customer’s unique preferences and their preferred channel

Integrated Solutions

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