Drive New Business with our Hotel Lead Management System

eLeads® is a cloud-based enterprise opportunity management solution. This innovative hotel lead management systems encompasses all aspects of lead generation including rooms and other revenues, as well as sales volume tracking, marketing results, incentive strategies and programs, and contact/account management. In addition, leads that cannot be booked at the requested hotel will be encouraged to stay within the company’s portfolio by engaging eLeads’ hotel-to-hotel referral process.

Full tracking and reporting is an integral part of eLeads, which ensures company leadership will have a complete understanding of the follow-up and status of company leads. eLeads has a number of existing connectors to external systems and applications which are both off-the-shelf 3rd party and company internal applications. With the use of eP LITE®, a part of the Group Lead Solution, properties will improve response times while reducing collateral expenses and delivery costs. Group Lead Solution will also systematically assist in elevating the quality of each lead.

Another innovative aspect of eLeads is its ability to provide an array of valuable reports, which can also be viewed, printed or saved to a file for use in other applications (e.g. Excel). These reports were designed, based on extensive customer feedback and can be viewed by status, arrival and sent, date ranges; region or property, room nights, revenue and type as appropriate.

Product Features

  • Elevates quality of leads
  • Full tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Integrates with other applications, both 3rd party and company internal applications.

Unmatched Sales Benefit

  • Allow potential clients to book within your portfolio through the hotel-to-hotel referral process.
  • Improve response times while reducing collateral expenses and delivery costs.

Making the Connection

  • Manage, track and funnel leads throughout your brand portfolio.
  • Integrate external systems and applications to elevate lead quality.

Integrated Solutions

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