Digital Menu Software that Highlights Your Food & Beverage Options

We know that the world is going digital, and so should your menus! Traditional menus are expensive to edit, print, and reprint. Changing menus often, means you also need a solution that is able to showcase your food selections to clients in a better and faster way – which is why we created eMenus, innovative digital menu software that allows you to easily showcase your food and beverage offerings online.

What makes eMenus different?

Interactive Menus with Visual Appeal

eMenus is an interactive service that enhances your F&B revenue potential by allowing catering sales and banquet managers, event professionals, or private dining guests to instantly access dynamic, visually appealing menus complete with mouthwatering photography and meal descriptions. eMenus are ideal for resorts, convention centers, restaurants, and any venue that hosts groups and catered events.

Easy Access and Sharing

eMenus are the perfect way to circulate a variety of information that would be too cumbersome to distribute on paper. Planners will appreciate that they can share and select food options with their teams prior to an event without having to carry a large amount of potentially out-of-date documents.

Digital Access and Selection

Clients can use eMenus to easily make their selections via an interactive interface. Those menu choices are then instantly communicated to your designated salesperson or manager, who can then automate the inclusion of those selections in the order system of their choice. This cost-efficient and environmentally sound digital menu software can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, with access to the Internet, making team decisions on the road much easier.

To date, our clients have sent more than 100,000 eMenus, saving over one million sheets of paper!


Product Features

  • Content creation and editing control 24/7/365
  • Eye-catching content with high quality photography
  • Consistent branding with a customized look and feel
  • Multiple login and access levels
  • Dual language functionality

Unmatched Sales Benefit

  • Features premium catering options for easy upsells
  • Share Menu can be customized for specific clients and used as a sales tool

Making the Connection

  • Easy-to-use format with tools menu
  • Directly interfaces with optional uOrder system for automated ordering and event plans

Integrated Solutions

  • Integration with Google® Analytics to track menu exposure
  • Fully integrated into eProposal® system and uOrder®

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