eProposal, Innovative Online Proposal Response Software

Create and send personalized, media-rich proposals in seconds with Cendyn/EVENTS’ award-winning eProposal® platform, the leader in RFP response solutions since 1999. eProposal drastically increases conversion rates by being the first to respond to RFPs with proposals that are on-brand and up to date. We’ve also designed our proposal response software with a comprehensive dashboard, which means editing content, managing and tracking your proposal's lifecycle has never been easier.

eProposal also includes several integrated hotel sales tools such as eFaceTime, a video introduction sales tool, eCard™, an electronic greeting card, and the new eContract, which allows your customers to sign event agreements instantly. eProposal enables you to create an immediate connection with your potential customers, while increasing the amount of selling time for your sales team.

eProposal's unique notification system allows salespeople to follow-up with customers immediately upon opening the proposal, and provides the ability to close the deal within minutes, while tracking the entire process through the administrative dashboard.

Always enhancing the tool, you will soon be able to have “my favorite” template, enterprise scorecards and mobile features the millennial generation has come to expect.


Product Features

  • Create and send personalized, media-rich proposals in minutes.
  • Scalable graphics, rich content and diverse multimedia options facilitate business transactions, while supporting account management and utilizing best practices.
  • Tracks the number of views, and alerts the sales manager in real time when a customer has accessed their proposal.
  • Integrated with Newmarket’s sales and catering systems, ultimately gaining the first responder advantage.
  • Fully-branded and offers the flexibility to showcase a variety of hotel benefits. Venue representatives determine the number of pages and relevant topics, so every proposal is customized to each planner’s specific needs.

Unmatched Sales Benefit

  • Delphi integration
  • Speed to market
  • Personalized proposals for RFI & RFP response
  • Brand and market specific presentation
  • Fast EZ or standard group offerings.
  • Internationalized in over 30 languages

Making the Connection

  • Create an immediate connection with potential clients
  • Ditch heavy document attachments
  • Comprehensive notification system ensures timely follow-ups
  • Track the entire sales process to increase efficiency

Integrated Solutions

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